The Foundry's Hispanic/Anishinabe Ministry
Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Part 1    7.41 min.
Part 2    8.21 min.
Aztec Anishinabe: Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Iglesia Casa de Adoracion Elohim mi Restauyador Central
     Tribe: Cachiqueles
     Tongue: Cachiquel dialect
                 Pastor Liquez and family of Guatemala
 *Plans are now being completed for a mission trip in 2016
   SUCCESS!                    MEXICO
See below for information about: The CANDY ROLL PROJECT
         SUCCESS!         MEXICO
                            "UNDAY SUNDAY PROJECT"  
This year: 
                  4,000 pairs of new boys' and girls' undergarments
                  1650 pairs of sock
                  500 pairs of shoes
                  1,100 new T-shirts
                  2,500 pounds of good used children's clothing
                  1,000 items of school supplies
                  1 electric organ (squeezed in the delivery truck)
             "...Serve one another in love." Galations 5:13
   Annual Candy Roll Mission to Rio Bravo, Mexico
Candy Roll Foreign Mission     9.47 min.
Driven to the border of Mexico, they were then distributed
to Mexican pastors to take to their individual churches in
Mexico. Many people were involved in the vision of providing
Christmas gifts to children who would not normally get anything.
The love of Christ during this special time of year is expressed by
the missionaries and the Mexican people.
                              Candy Roll Mission Team
Arriving at the church in Rio Bravo, the missionaries entered and
felt the love of Christ. The pastors were kind as were the congre-
gation. The children especially showed an excitement because of
the candy rolls and friends from the United States. Also, Mariachi
Tres Cruses were there to perform music.