The Foundry's Hispanic/Anishinabe Ministry
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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               Worship Service     3.5 min.  
                Bodas de Oro   5.20 min
            50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
                                                                          Diá del Pastor  
                                                                                   Photo Album             


                                                                              Pastor Wilber Joel Mejia
                                            Iglesia de Dios Manantiales de Vida Eterna 
                                                     Past Special Speakers
                                            Cynthia Ramirez                     Pastor Liquez                          
                                      Evangelista                    Iglesia Casa de Adoracion Elohim           
                                    Lindale, Texas                          Guatemala
                                           Nuevos convertidos bautizados y nuevos miembros!!!
                 Erlin Gustavo Guifarro (de Honduras)    Luis Fernando Savillón (de Honduras) 
Ana Cecilia Rodriguez (de Mexico)    Juana Villatoro de Moreira (de El Salvador)    
Olman Ivan Bonilla (de Honduras)     Reina María Ayala (de El Salvador)
              María Reberta Jimenez y hijos: Jaime Francisco, Edwin Alexander, Duglas  (de El Salvador)
                                         Pastor Turcios with Celeste and Mariah Ramos
                                                                             Maria Rosario Martinez Tamacas           
                                                                               Jose Angel Martinez Tamacas
                                                                                       Jose Alfredo Tamacas
                                                                                             Erzin Guifarra
                                                                                              Carlos Varela
                                                                                 Ozman Bonilla (not pictured)                     
                                                                          Community Outreach Dinner
         The Foundry's Hispanic/Anishinabe Ministry Video Productions
                                  for comprehensive list
                                                  *Completed        **In Progress 
                                   Building Project    Driveway
Interpreter Ministry
     The purpose is to provide our bilingual members the opportunity 
to serve as interpreters for mission groupswhen they come to work 
in Latin countries. These interpreters are Christian people that 
speak English and Spanish very well. These interpreters come from 
our church or local churches. They assist in translating for Vacation 
Bible School, street witnessing, sports activities, or medical clinics. 
In this way, other churches are blessed by the giving of their ablity 
to know two languages. Praise the Lord that His children can come 
together for a single purpose, to share Christ with the world.
     Visitation by members to share music and time with those who 
cannot get out on their own. Nursing homes and individual homes
are slated to recieve visitations by those feeling a desire to share
with others.
Grounds Maintenance 
Offering help in painting, lawn care and general cleaning.
Teachers & Leaders
     The Church is always open to those who feel called to teach or
have special talents in areas that may assist our ministries. Please
discuss with the pastor what God has put on your heart as we work
toward His kingdom.
     Dinners     Parties     Activities     Missions     Bible Study