The Foundry's Hispanic/Anishinabe Ministry
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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           Children's Christmas Event

Children complete Sunday School on being closer to Jesus
           DENTAL HEALTH MONTH    4 min.
       Kindergarten (bilingual)
                          Educacion Dental
             Escuela Biblica de Vacaciones   5 min.
      (Spanish Vacation Bible School)
          Candy Rolls Mission to Mexico
 The children worked to produce 210 candy rolls for the 
annual Candy Roll
Mission to Mexico. Rev. Mike Landes 
of Mont
gomery, Texas will be going for the 6th year to 
deliver the gifts. He meets with the local missionary 
who distributes the gifts to several pastors from 
Mexico. The pastor then take the gifts to their church 
in Mexico to distribute. Many children who would not 
normally get gifts are then
able to receive gifts.
  Escuela Dominical
Las Joyitas (age 1-3)        Tesoros del Rey (age 4-6)   
Amigos de Jesus (age 7-9)    Intermedios (age 10-12)
               Jovenes (age 13-18)     
                                  Hno. Rodolfo Nerio
Sharing elementary level Bible stories;
fun activities, music, and movies.