The Foundry's Hispanic/Anishinabe Ministry
Wednesday, November 14, 2018


                      Anishinabe Powwow
         UMC Texas Annual Conference  8.55 min.
                     Festival Familiar     8.5 min.
Presenting delicious Latin American cuisine.
     Fundraiser for children's playground.
              Local Dental Missions    6.5 min.
Over 900 people were provided dental care at The Spring
Branch Family Development Center. Iglesia Cristiana
Sobre la Roca provided Spanish translation, manual labor,
help in the sterilization unit, and a video production. The
was produced in English and Spanish. The Spanish
video is being used
to provide college recruitment in the
Hispanic community.
Spanish Alpha
         Jersey Acres Community (NW Houston)
                   @Iglesia Cristiana Sobre la Roca
Charm School for Young Ladies
      Manners for young ladies helps young girls to learn the
social etiquette, personal grooming, and table manners 
can help them to become confident, self-assured 
young ladies. Young ladies are shown the importance of 
first impressions,
style, and good posture when 
they sit,
stand and walk. They will also learn about the 

importance of a handshake and
tips on making introduc-
and conversation. The ladies also are taught
phone manners, table manners and other simple
courtesies, including learning to say the magic words of
"please", "you're welcome" and "thank you".